If businesses want to integrate our services through API, we are up for it. An API code is provided on your request to aid the integration of the code on your own platform. A detailed API Guide is available under API Documentation to assist you while using your API key. 

To add in your own API just follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Developers option from Side menu. Select API keys under Developers.

  2. Now, click on the New button shown on the right hand top corner to generate a new API key.

  3. Fill in the dialogue box that just popped by typing in the IP Address in the space provided. Multiple IP Addresses can be typed in a comma separated list. If you do not want to add  IP restrictions, then you can generate open API key to allow SMS from any IP address. 

  4. Click Save to save the selection

Note: Once the above-mentioned steps are successfully fulfilled, you will receive an API key on registered email ID. API key cannot be recovered if it is lost.

However, you can request for a new one, by clicking on the ‘resend’ button.

  1. You can even Edit IP address and Delete them by just clicking on the pencil icon provided in the last column of the page

Note:  API will be sent to your registered email id once you save it.

  1. To refer to the documentation, visit our Developers page