The TRAI which helps regulate commercial communication within India has decided that all registered templates including the Promotional, Transactional, and Service (Implicit and Explicit) will have not more than 40% of the total message content as variable content.

By this, what they mean is, if in the message content, variable parameters are being used, then the sum of the length of character for variable parameter should not be more than 40% of the message, while the static content or the fixed content of the message must be at least 60%


Example of an allowed template:

Hello {#var#}, your OTP is {#var#} – ABC Company

Example of a template that may get rejected:

Hello {#var#}{#var#}{#var#}, your OTP is {#var#}{#var#}{#var#} – ABC Company



In case a greater number of variable parameters are used, the templates that you are trying to register will be rejected, and you will need to write to the DLT partner with an example of the message content, explaining why the variable content is more than 40% of the overall message.