To understand the difference in terms of different aspects of consent and content template, we have made this easy-to-understand comparison chart for your reference.

ConsentĀ Template
Content Template
It is for receiving the customer's permission before sending promotional SMS
It is the message text that has to be submitted on the DLT platform
It is for Promotional and Service Explicit SMS routes
It is for every SMS route - Transactional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit, Promotional

Actual message text

The consent Template should not contain actual message text. It is just to take permission from customers
Content Template should contain the actual text that will be sent to the customer
Example Text
We would like to send messages regarding marketing offers from our website.

Dear user,

{#var#} is your OTP for Login.

Consent Template is mandatory for Promotional and Service Explicit SMS routes
Content Template is mandatory for all SMS