Your Alerts and Promotional applications have an option to download a report of all the messages that have been sent from your account.

You can download reports that show you information for the last 90 days.

This report will contain all the messages you have sent out, including:

  1. Messages sent from the “Send SMS” option from the application, including Quick send, Unicode messages, customized campaigns, etc.
  2. Messages triggered via APIs using the API keys of the account

To download this report, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your Alerts or Promotional application.
  2. On the left-hand menu, find “Sent Items” and click on it to collapse the menu and select “Reports”. The below page will appear.
  3. Click on the “+New” button on the right side of the page. The below pop-up menu will appear:                                                 Title:Enter a name for the report.

    Date range: Select a date range for the report. This can be up to historically 90 days from the date you are requesting the report. 

    Mobile Number: Enter a mobile number here ONLY if you want to generate a report for a specific mobile number and the logs specific only to that number. Example: If you want to find out how many messages have been sent to the number 9900XXXX99, then enter this number here.

    Status: If you want to specify a status only, like delivered, or undelivered, etc, select the same from the Status option, or select “All Status” for the complete report.

    Group: Select this option to group the data that you would be requesting. You can request the report by grouping Sender Wise, Status Wise, or Day Wise.

    Email Address: Enter the email address of the person who needs to be notified once the report is generated.

    Check to get only summary report: If this option is selected, then, only a summary report of the details will be shared. If not, a detailed report, including details of the message, mobile number, sent and delivered details will be shared.

    Check to get the fields in detail report: Select the columns of details that you would like to see in the detailed report. 

    File Format: Choose the format in which you want to receive the report. It may be .xlsx, .csv, or .txt.

  4. Once you have specified the details of the report and format, click on “Request Report”

Based on the report requested and the amount of data, this report may take time to get generated.

While the report is generating, the status will show as “Preparing”

Once the report is generated, the report will be available for download and viewing.