URL white-labeling is a feature, specifically built for reseller customers, who want to share their own domain name or link with their customers to log in and access Kaleyra’s application service.

This can be done quite simply by following the below steps:

  1. Create a CNAME record in your DNS Zone File.
    1. Log into your Domain Control panel.
    2. Go to the DNS or Name Server section.
    3. Create a new DNS record and point your URL to map-alerts.smsalerts.biz OR map-promo.smsalerts.biz.
    4. Alias name: Choose a sub-domain name for your alias.
    5. Point to hostname: Type “@” to directly map the alias to your domain.
    6. Save the changes to your DNS records.
  2. Setting up your URL in Kaleyra platforms
    1. Log in with your reseller username to Alerts or Promotional panel
    2. On the left-hand menu, find “Reseller” and click on it to collapse the menu and select “URL Whitelabeling”
    3. On the page that loads, on the right side, find “+New” and click on it.
    4. The below pop-up will appear:                            
    5. Domain: Enter the Alias that you have created here.
    6. Site Name: Provide a site name
    7. Site Title: Provide a site title that will be displayed on the tab in the browser
    8. Logo: Choose a logo for the site. This has to be in .jpg or .png formats
    9. Favicon: Choose a favicon to upload for the browser tab. This has to be in .jpg or .png format.
    10. Logout URL: Enter a link that the page will be redirected to on log out. If the page is inactive for 30 minutes, you will automatically be logged out and redirected to this page.
  3. Click on save to save the changes.

This link can now be given to your resellers to use.