Kaleyra has a very robust and easily operable and manageable Reseller set-up to help you create and manage your own reseller as well as direct customers within the platform itself.

Once you have decided to start your reseller messaging services with Kaleyra, talk to your Kaleyra Account Manager about this.

They will help you with the initial setup of a “Direct” Reseller Account or the main reseller account. This will be the main account through which you will be able to create, manage permissions, and assign funds to your other reseller as well as customer accounts.

A reseller account is a management platform for your customers and other resellers. You as a reseller, therefore, will not be able to send out campaigns or messages from your reseller account.

In case you also want to send out messages you can go ahead and create a customer account for yourself within your own reseller model, by following the steps found in the Customer Creation or Reseller Creation.