Currently, not all Android devices with the Messages app can verify SMS messages. By configuring your test device with a beta version of the Messages app, you can use your device to receive and process Verified SMS messages.


Before you get started, you need an Android device with an active phone number that can receive SMS messages.

Additionally, you need your whitelisted Verified SMS Google account.

Get the apps

You can download the Messages app with Verified SMS features by opting into the Messages beta. Additionally, you need to opt-in to and download the Carrier Services beta.

  1. On your test device, sign in with your Verified SMS Google account.
  2. Using your Verified SMS Google account, navigate to the Messages app on the Play Store.
  3. Scroll down to the Join the beta section and tap Join.
  4. Uninstall the current version of the Messages app, then reinstall to get the beta version.
  5. Navigate to the Carrier Services beta opt-in.
  6. Tap Become a tester.
  7. Tap Download the Carrier Services app on Google Play and install the app.

Enable RCS

Before you can test Verified SMS, you need to enable RCS on your device. Open the Messages app and follow in-app instructions to enable enhanced messaging features, including validating your phone number.

If prompted, you must allow all options.

Confirm Verified SMS functionality

To confirm that Verified SMS is enabled on your device, open the Messages app, tap the more button, then tap Settings. If Verified SMS appears in Settings, Verified SMS is enabled on your device.

If Verified SMS doesn't appear in Settings, Verified SMS isn't enabled on your device. It can take up to 5 days for Verified SMS to be enabled on a Verified SMS Google account.

Verified SMS

Only perform these steps if you successfully completely all steps in Apps and RCS.

  1. Tap the more button, then tap Settings > Chat Features.
  2. Turn off Enable chat features.
  3. Turn on Enable chat features.
  4. Tap the arrow button, then tap Verified SMS.
  5. Turn off Verify business message sender.
  6. Turn on Verify business message sender.
  7. If your device still can't receive Verified SMS messages, confirm that you have the correct version of the Messages app and that your device is RCS-enabled.