To register a content template, a principal entity needs to follow below mentioned steps:


  1. Login to Tata DLT Platform using principal entity credentials
  2. Go to Content template -> Register new content template
  3. Define template type – Promotional/Transactional/Service
  4. Select category of content and a registered header
  5. Provide content for fixed part and mention variable content in the template as {#var#}
  6. Submit template for verification
  7. Content template registrar will validate and verify details provided by the principal Entity within 2 working days
  8. On successful registration, the content template registrar will actions (approve/reject) and post approval register content template ID on DLT platform
  9. The registrar function will communicate successful renewal or any discrepancy in case of incorrect details with the applicant on the registered e-mail and mobile number in the defined TAT.