Yes you can!

The Alerts in "Settings" Menu on the top right corner of your panel allows you to set alerts to notify you on credit usage and to generate a daily usage report. You have a choice to set and prioritize your notification alerts. To set an alert, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on Settings > Alerts> Enable option> Edit> Add email-id and credits> Save. You will start receiving notifications when your account balance is running low. After this, click on the Save icon to save this alert configuration. 

Note: No mobile number is added for the alerts notification

Step 2: Enter email-id to get daily, monthly,weekly, monthly day wise,weekly credits transaction, monthly credits transaction usage details. To do so, click on Settings> Alerts> select the respective alerts option to get the notification mail.

Step 3: Click Save Changes to save any alert configuration.

Step 4: Provisions for Weekly SMS Usage reports, Monthly SMS usage reports, Low Balance report and Monthly Day wise summary report are available.