Want to assign some work to someone to perform on your behalf like manage credits in your account send SMS, you can add a sub-user(s) to your account?

That's exactly what a sub-user account can be created for! If you have a team who handles multiple tasks on the application, you can create login access to all the team members. By doing so, you can let the team members operate the application and set feature wise permissions to sub users.

Creating Sub-user account access

Follow the steps below to manage your sub users and grant a set of permissions to them.

  1. From the Main Menu, click on the Manage Items from the left menu and select Manage Sub user option.

  2. Click on the New option present on the right top corner of the page. 

  3. Fill the Sub user details on the pop screen that appears. Type Full name, Username, Email ID & Mobile Number as shown in the image.

  1. Click on Save after entering the sub user details.

  2. To allot a feature wise permission, click on the # icon in the right-hand side column and check in the respective boxes adjacent to the permissions you wish to allot the sub-user.

  1. Click on Save to finish up.

  2. You can edit the details of the sub user by clicking in on the edit icon and update the details by ticking or unticking the feature selection as per the requirement.

Once sub-user has been added, he will get the email along with ‘Set Password’ link to further login to his account.

Note: Sub-user will be able to access only those features that the admin has granted access to, as shown in the image above.