Home Location Register(HLR) provides permanent subscriber information of a mobile network. ‘Lookup’ is a smart tool that will initiate a thorough HLR lookup for any mobile number(s). Get to know the portable status of the number, mobile network operator, active status, roaming and other details. With HLR Lookup you can clean your data lists, or check the status of a phone before sending an SMS. You can Look up for a specific number or upload a file with multiple numbers with a maximum cap of 5,00,000 numbers.


Follow the steps below to validate the user mobile number:

  1. Click on the Lookup menu. You will be redirected to Lookup page where all lookups done till date would be shown. 

  2. Now, click on ‘Lookup’ button on the top. Click on Quick request (maximum send limit is 50,000 SMSes in a single trigger) to enter a specific mobile number. 

  3. To Look up for multiple contacts, click on ‘Bulk Upload’ (maximum send limit is 5 Lakh SMSes in a single trigger) and upload a file as shown in the image below. Make sure country code should be there along with mobile number(s).

  1. Click on the Request button to do the lookup. Charges will be different for Lookup.

  2. Now view your report. This will give you a detailed summary about HLR information for any number lookup.

  3. In case, there is some error in finding HLR information about any number, we may check Operator level of Status codes for the reasons. All status codes explained here

  4. If you require a more detailed report, click on the ‘i’ icon against any lookup number to get a more detailed HLR info. 

  5. You may filter Lookup reports based on number and date Ranges. Also, you can download the Lookup report.

Following information will be tracked for every number lookup:


Field Name


Original Country Name


Original Country Prefix


Original Network Prefix


Is Roaming? Whether number is in roaming or not


Roaming Network Name


Roaming Country Name


Original Network Name


Roaming Country Prefix


Roaming Network Prefix


Is Ported? Whether number has been ported or not


Ported Network Name


Ported Country Name


Ported Network Prefix


Ported Country Prefix


Status: It indicates the success or failure of your request.


Credits: Number of credits charged

Campaign wise Lookup

You can now click on HLR Messages to view campaign wise details. This will organize your campaigns name wise and makes it easy for you to access. To view Look Up campaign wise, follow the steps below:

  1. To view campaign wise Lookup, you can now click on ‘SI Look up’ from side menu and click on “HLR Messages”. (the details are available for 1 month only).

  2. Click on ‘View’ on the right corner of the campaign to view the details.