What is Web hook URL?

Web hook URL enables you to integrate the template with an automated trigger, such that you can send the SMS automatically on a particular activity.

Let's say your business wants to wish your customers "Happy Birthday" on their special day, you can simply copy the URL of the Template to create a web hook. This web hook, when associated with a special event, triggers the SMS template automatically. Your customer will be wished on his birthday, without you having to manually send an SMS.

How to generate a web hook URL?

To generate a web hook URL, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you create a template, click on the 'anchor' icon (shown in the image below) to get the URL.

  1. Then the URL page opens. Copy the URL.

Web hook URL

This URL will be pasted in the automation page. Once this is done, the template is triggered automatically on the automated event.