Send an SMS directly to a list of leads from Leadsquared application

Sending an SMS to a Lead Group

You can directly send an SMS to a lead group. To send SMS to a lead group, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Leadsquared account
  2. From the menu bar, click on the tab "Leads"
  3. Click on "Manage Lists" and the same page opens

  1. Click on the "Actions" bar of the lead list you want to send an SMS to (shown in the image below)
  2. Click on "Send Message" as shown in the image below.

  1. A pop up window appears from where you can send SMS.
  2. Choose the Sender ID from the drop down. By default, the default sender ID from your SMS account will be taken.
  3. Choose the Template you had created in your SMS account. The template content will be loaded.
  4. If you don't wish to use a template, then simply type the SMS content in the "Text Message" field, as shown in the image below.
  5. Click on 'Send' to send the SMS.

Message Template

The section "Favorites" from your SMS account is rephrased as "Template" in the Leadsquared account. So when you choose the template from the drop down, the content from favorites is loaded.

SMS Credits & Characters

The credits in your SMS account are displayed in the top right corner of the pop up window. (Shown in the image above). You can also view the text characters in the pop up window in the "Message" section.