Yes it is! Did you know that you could send SMS through your email account? Through ‘Email to SMS’ functionality, it is possible. To create SMS from email account, follow the steps below:

  1. From the “Manage Items” tab click on ‘Email to SMS’ feature, then click on +New button. Configure your email ID and SMS template on the pop-up. 

  2. Choose Sender ID and create email template: {subject} to insert SMS content in subject of email, {body} to enter the email body content and {from} to enter the email id. Click on the Save button, and your configuration will be done.

  • Open your configured email account. 

  • Compose email, in ‘To’ field put the recipient phone number in this format: <number> 

  • Add SMS text in Subject or in the email body, as required.

  • If you have created group of mobile numbers in Alerts/ promo panel, then just use “group name” for all recipient numbers. <groupname> Message will be further sent to all group numbers.

Pro Tip: To end the content of an email mid-way, you can type ||END|| in the email body and the message will be chosen till that text (excluding the ||END||).