My Account familiarly known as “Accounts” is a single login platform for all your Kaleyra applications to manage your payments, raise instant credit requests and view transactions. When you click on application cog wheel, you’ll be redirected to accounts. To know more about “Accounts”, you can read the document here


Purchase credits enable you to view the transactions of the credits raised on the alerts/ promo application. 


You can view all the transactions that are done for this account with Date and Time and amount of credits that has been added or deducted. To keep a track of your purchase and transactional details, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on Settings> Purchase details option.


Follow the steps below to change your password.

Step 1: From the top right-hand corner of the screen, click on your account

Step 2: Now, click on Change Password

Step 3: Type in the current password and then enter new password and click on save. 

You can use forgot password option to generate new password

Note: To make the password strong you need to use 12 characters which are a mix of alphanumerics that include UPPERCASE, lowercase, Special characters and numbers e.g.  Aq*w18dshs#$#

Note 2:- Username and current password should not be place as new password

You can reset your password from clicking on forgot icon using your username from the login page.


This feature allows you to set alerts to notify you on credit usage and to generate a daily usage report. You have a choice to set and prioritize your notification alerts. To set an alert, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on Settings > Alerts> Enable option> Edit> Add email-id and credits> Save. You will start receiving notifications when your account balance is running low. After this, click on the Save icon to save this alert configuration. 

Note: No mobile number is added for the alerts notification

Step 2: Enter email-id to get daily, monthly,weekly, monthly day wise,weekly credits transaction, monthly credits transaction usage details. To do so, click on Settings> Alerts> select the respective alerts option to get the notification mail.

Step 3: Click Save Changes to save any alert configuration.

Step 4: Provisions for Weekly SMS Usage reports, Monthly SMS usage reports, Low Balance report and Monthly Day wise summary report are available. 


Keep track of the downloads from alerts/ promo application through this feature. This option provides sender-id, document, template approval steps , sample code for API integration. Downloads of your account can be viewed by just clicking on Settings> Downloads option from your account.


To log out, click on the LOGOUT option in the left menu of the account settings.