On the spreadsheet too, we have provided similar interface as our SMS application to get you going easily. It's simple and self explanatory You can send SMS to a single recipient or multiple recipients at the same time.

The following are the post login tabs (shown in the image below) that you can see once you login:

Post Login Tabs

2.Send To


When you expand the From tab, you can see the list of Sender IDs that you've created on your SMS account. There's also a text box for typing the message content. You can also decide if the SMS you're composing is Unicode or Flash Message, just like you do on the Kaleyra SMS application.

Sender ID

Only the Sender IDs that are approved are reflected in the spreadsheet application. Sender IDs that are pending or rejected cannot be seen here.

Send To

This section of our SMS interface is smartly built to add up columns in your spreadsheet to compose the SMS fields. Simply define the Mobile Number column range (Eg: From Column 1 to Column 10) or provide a range (From 1-10, 15-20)

A valid Mobile Number column in the spreadsheet is mandatory for this feature to work


Schedule option lets you schedule the message at any later point in time. You can choose the time and date from the calendar box given in the user interface. You can also schedule it for a custom time by clicking on the box.

Customized SMS

You can send customized SMS, by adding the consecutive columns to the message you compose and the values in the columns are automatically reflected in the SMS.

Let's say the column "B" denotes the customer name and column "C" (Shown in the spreadsheet above) denotes his account balance, then you could compose the following SMS:

Hi {B},

Your account balance is {C}

The following is the output message for the SMS composed above.

What more can you do?

Custom Schedule Times

Create a column for "Schedule" timings and add different schedule times for different customers. The messages will be delivered for the aligned scheduled time in the spreadsheet column.

Country Codes

Add country codes to the mobile numbers, in case you're using the Global SMS

Message Delivery Status

Once you send the SMS from the spreadsheet Add on, the delivery status of the SMS is automatically rolled out in the subsequent columns. (Image shown below)